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Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!!!!

*All Pick ups between 8am and 9am will NOT be charged for that day.

Please note the day charged will be given back as a discount and automatically given for all pets, if picked up during those times.

* For multiple pets using the same accommodation, such as the Grass Yards, Deluxe, Play Pen,Homestead or Penthouse only the first one will be charged at the rate and the rest will be charged at the normal rate.

Eg- 2 Medium Dogs in the same Grass Yard. The first one will be $25 the second will be only $20.

*All Cash payments -5% ( Cash= NO cards or cheques as Banks have extra fee's on these.)

* All stays 10 days or more -5%

* 2 or More dogs, cats, (rabbits using the cattery) or a combination of these. -5%

Please Note that these percentages are also accumulative, so a possible 15%

Further Discounts maybe granted on stays longer than 30 days or more than 4 dogs, cats ( rabbits using cattery) or a combination of these. This would be arranged through John or Tim.


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